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The Nationals — $18

The Nationals


A nod to the vintage sportswear of the 80s, this classic design is updated with thick, modern contrasting lines. It's available in over 1,400 color combinations so you're sure to find your perfect pair. Racket ball, anyone?

90% Cotton, 9% Nylon, 1% Elastic
Available in individual Shoe Sizes 7-16
Made in Brooklyn, USA

Pick Your Colors. Any Colors.

The sock base color.

Bright Red

The First Bold Stripe


The First Bold Stripe


Select Your Shoe Size... For Your Socks

Whaaa? That's right, mon frer. No more giant sock size range weirdness. It's about to get reallll comfy down there...

US Men's Shoe Sizes


Let's Get Personal(ized)

Add up to 5 characters on each sock. Intials. Names. Memes. Whatevs... they're your socks.

PS. This bit costs an extra 5 bones, dollars, clams, etc.

About The Nationals


Made on-demand by a Japanese 3D-knitting machine. This means there are not weird seams and no wasted inventory. That's what they call a win-win, friend.

Made in USA

Knit, finished and packaged straight from our factory in Brooklyn, NY. That's 100% of the manufacturing process for you math wizzes.

Free Shipping for Orders > $40

No-fee shipping for our friends in the US of A, and a nominal fee for our friends around the world. What did you think we were - animals?

American Cotton

We keep things between the shining seas when we can. Our cotton is grown, dyed and spun on American soil. Word.

More Amazing Color Options