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The Bushwick — $45

The Bushwick


This future classics collection features bold and vibrant new colors and classic staples for easy pairing. Whichever color you choose, it's sure to become your favorite.

100% Sweet Merino Wool
Made in Brooklyn, USA

Pick Your Colors. Any Colors.

Single, Base Color

Bright Green

About The Bushwick


Made on-demand by a Japanese 3D-knitting machine. This means there are not weird seams and no wasted inventory. That's what they call a win-win, friend.

100% Merino Wool

Our wool isn't just crazy soft, it's also super responsible. Knit from 100% traceable wool, and spun in an historic 100-year-old plant in Italy that just so happens to be powered by two of it's very own hydro-electric dams. Daaaaamn...

Made in USA

Knit, finished and packaged straight from our factory in Brooklyn, NY. That's 100% of the manufacturing process for you math wizzes.

Free Shipping for Orders > $40

No-fee shipping for our friends in the US of A, and a nominal fee for our friends around the world. What did you think we were - animals?

Dry Clean Only

No machine-washing, please. Let's keep that plush hand-feel nice and soft, and that perfect-fitting length, um, perfect. Shall we?

More Amazing Color Options